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Welcome to my merch page. I deal with everything personally :) Here you can buy stuff using Paypal (which works with credit/debit card) or cheque. Cheques should be to JOHN BAINE at PO Box 668, Portslade, BN42 4BG. Thanks, Attila

New Barnstormer 1649 T-Shirt

Including Postage
New Barnstormer 1649 Badge - The badge is a facsimile of the first Commonwealth shilling to be produced after the execution of Charles 1st in 1649 and the abolition of the monarchy. A coin with no monarch's head on it, fitting since the king had just lost his!

Including Postage
Barnstormer 1649 T-Shirt and Badge


Undaunted - Attila's 9th book of poems

£11.50 Each copy comes with a free CD: 'The Long Goodbye/Never Too Late' (Poems For My Mother and Stepfather)

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Live at the Greys
17 poems, 2 songs. My Poetic Licence/Poppy's Poem/Never Forget/A Hellish Encounter/Missionaries/UK Gin Dependence Party/Poison Pensioner/It's Made Of Wire/Substitute/Bob Crow/Auntie Rose/Terms & Conditions/A Pride of Seagulls/Written from Scratch/The Gap/Never Too Late/Too Much Pressure/Prince Harry's Knob/Farageland. Great audio recording done in a brilliant Brighton music pub in front of a load of mates by Joel Carr.
Special offer of autobiography and new CD: see below
Autobiography - Arguments Yard

Here's my autobiography. I'll sign it if you like - just put a 'note' in the order!
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UK Gin Dependence Party and Other Peculiarities (December 2013)

This is my most personal poetry collection to date. There's the story of my mother's long battle with Alzheimer's disease, of my reconciliation with my stepfather after more than three decades, and some surreal snippets of life in my harbour town home. But, as the front cover readily testifies, it is also crammed full of the biting political satire - social surrealism, I call it - which has been my stock in trade for 35 years. I'm angrier now than I'm ever been, because there's even more to be angry about. But I've lived a lot, too, and it shows in these words.

Line-up: 7 UK Gin Dependence Party 8 Missionaries 11 A Hellish Encounter 13 Fugazi, Cliff Richard & Me 15 There's A Man Down Our Road Who's A Nazi 16 Bottom Feeders 19 Tell Sid 21 Never Too Late 23 It's Made Of Wire 25 A Pride Of Seagulls 26 Terms & Conditions 27 For Roy 28 Passport To Paradise 30 Newcastle - The Replay 34 Written From Scratch 35 Attila the Stockbroker Cleans Up The City 36 My Favourite Politician 37 Lost In The Supermarket 38 Looters 39 Bye Bye Banker 40 Mission Creep 42 Prince Harry's Knob 43 An Honour, Not A Stain 45 The Long Goodbye
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NEW T-SHIRT: S,M,L,XL (please state size on order!)

As worn on the front cover of my autobiography. Quote from Adrian Mitchell, with red star Attila logo on left sleeve.

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My Poetic Licence/Asylum Seeking Daleks/Too Much Pressure/Supermodel/Poison Pensioner/Use of English/Spam/The Social Surrealist Weapons Inspector's Report/Punk Night at the Duck's nuts/Shed Fire/Frogspawn Man vs. the Boy Racers/On Being 'European'/New World Order Rap!/April Fool in September/Crime Writer/North Korea Mourns Comrade Mickey Finn of T.Rex/Dialectical Materialism, T.Rex and the Chinese/Two Glastonbury Errors/Effineff/Carriage H/On Being Defrosted/A Nasal Appraisal/Keeping Up Appearances/Beer Gardening/Braintree/A Hole Series/New Brighton/Falmer Pond/Spirit of the Age/The Brighton Workers'Bookstore/Farewell to the Vault Plus lyrics to 12 songs:Guy Fawkes' Table/Death of a Salesman/Hey Celebrity/Comandante Joe/Scumball Pinochet/Only Football/Abramovich's Donkey Sanctuary/Baghdad Ska/Bunter's Revolution/Song for the Defeated/Valentine's Day/20 years
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'Bankers & Looters' (2012)

New mini album with my band Barnstormer (you can hear the tracks on this site) 7 new tracks, some of the most topical and hard hitting stuff I've ever written 'Looters', 'Bye Bye Banker!', 'Maggots 1 Maggie 0', 'An Honour, Not A Stain', 'Only Football', 'Dean Reed (The Red Elvis)', 'Mission Creep' - plus acoustic version of 'Looters' and a radio friendly version of 'Bye Bye Banker'
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SPECIAL OFFER: a copy of 'Bankers & Looters', plus my solo DVD 'Live at the Heartland Café' £10
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'The Long Goodbye'/'Never Too Late'

Recordings of my poems for my mother and stepfather (you can read them on this site) with backing music from Elgar's 'Dream of Gerontius' and Mozart's 'Requiem'
With the matching pamphlet of the poems. £2.50 from each sale will go to the Alzheimer's Society.
With or without pamphlet
'Disestablished 1980'

A compilation of Attila's best songs, released by Mad Butcher Records to celebrate Attila's 30th anniversary.

Baghdad Ska/The Blandford Forum/Blood For Oil!/Sarajevo/Old Teenagers/This is Free Europe!/Tyler Smiles/Scumball Pinochet/The Ghost Road/His Master's Voice/Game Boy/Rude Boy/Sawdust & Empire/Haider!/March Of The Levellers / The Diggers' Song / The World Turned Upside Down/Market Sektor One/Just One Life/Death Of A Salesman/Fifth Column/And I Won't Run Away
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'Live in Norway' (2008) - live solo poems and songs

My Poetic Licence/Russians in the DHSS/New World Order Rap/Spam/Every Time I Eat Vegetables.../Punk Night at the Duck’s Nuts/Supermodel/Comandante Joe/Blood for Oil/ Tyler Smiles/Maggots 1 Maggie 0/Death of a Salesman/Abramovich’s Donkey Sanctuary/Libyan Students From hell!/Spirit of the Age/Awayday/Andy is a Corporatist
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'Live in Belfast' (2004) - live solo poems and songs

My Poetic Licence/Asylum Seeking Daleks/New World Order Rap!/ The Iraqi Weapons Inspectors' Report/Commandante Joe/Bunter's Revolution/Carriage H/Effineff/Supermodel/Punk Night at the Duck's Nuts/ Frogspawn Man versus the Boy Racers/Brain Tree/A Symptom of Modern Society/A Nasal Appraisal/Hole Poem/Death of a Salesman/ The Spencers Croft Cat/Doggy on a String/Song For The Defeated/ North Korea Mourns Comrade Mickey Finn of T.Rex/Hey Celebrity!
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'Poems Ancient & Modern' (1999)

The Bible according to Rupert Murdoch/Designated Areas/Comic in a Basket/The Zen Stalinist Manifesto/Xenophobia/A Sugared Dish/The Iron Men of Rap!/Andy is a Corporatist/Nature Poems:The Maggot/The Rat-tailed Maggot/The Don't Care Bear/The Slug/The Lemming/Trainspotter Rap!/Southwick/Slough/Worthing/Belgium/New World Order Rap!/Russians in the DHSS/Awayday/A Bang & A Wimpy/Nigel wants to go to C&A's/Joseph Porter's Sleeping Bag/The Final Ablution/And Smith Must Score.../Goldstone Ghosts/Veronica/Contributory Negligence
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WITH MY BAND BARNSTORMER (Clashy punk with medieval tinges)

Zero Tolerance (2004)

Death of a Salesman/Baghdad Ska/Baghdad Dub/Hey, Celebrity!/Guy Fawkes' Table/ Mohammed the Kabul Red/Song for the Defeated/Comandante Joe/Valentine's Day/Blood for Oil/Oil Power/ Abramovich's Donkey Sanctuary/What's the Difference?/Bunter's Revolution/A Nasal Appraisal/Marktsektor One
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Just One Life (2000)

Haider!/The Ghost Road/Game Boy Rude Boy/Scumball Pinochet (for Marc Bolan)/The Worm & The Archer/Cero/His Master's Voice/Another Country/The Ballad of Comrade Enver/20 Years/Just One Life
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The Siege of Shoreham (1996)

Bombarde / The One That Got Away / The Blandford Forum/Cheering The Plough / Sarajevo / Worms / March of the Levellers / The Diggers' Song / The World Turned Upside Down / Tyler Smiles / Tirana / Old Teenagers / The Siege of Shoreham / Camelot by Numbers / Horns / The Torchbearer / And I Won't Run Away plus 4 poems (The Zen Stalinist Manifesto, Joseph Porter's Sleeping Bag, The Final Ablution, Victoria Road)
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'Live at the Heartland Cafe' (2004)

Recorded at the Heartland Café, Chicago, Illinois, March 7th 2004

(Intro by David Rovics) Death of a Salesman/Baghad Ska/Guy Fawkes' Table/Commandante Joe/My Poetic License/Asylum Seeking Daleks /Supermodel/Punk Night at the Duck's Nuts/North Korea Mourns Comrade Mickey Finn of T. Rex/Every Time I Eat Vegetables/The Bible According To Rupert Murdoch/Hey, Celebrity!/Old Teenagers/Blood for Oil /Oil Power/Libyan Students from Hell!
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