My Poetic Licence

MY POETIC LICENCE, my fifth book of poetry, is out now! The book contains 41 of my best poems and song lyrics from the last ten years, plus a couple of autobiographical pieces, and is available at all my gigs, by cheque/cash from my PO box and by credit card from the online shops (both independent, sound and visited by me!) here and here. It's not available in the shops. Cut out the middleman!

It's being published alongside a 73 minute compilation CD in a slim card cover called 'Spirit of the Age', celebrating 28 years of Attila with 9 live poems, 3 live acoustic songs and 11 studio songs with my band Barnstormer.

At my gigs and by cheque/cash from my PO Box they are selling for £10 (yes, that’s all, for both!) plus postage - so from the PO Box £11 in the UK, £13 or €20 in mainland Europe, £14 in the rest of the world. They will be a bit more expensive by credit card from the online shops, sorry.

Here’s the book’s contents:

The CD has nine live poems, three live solo songs and eleven songs with my band Barnstormer – here’s a picture, with the tracklisting!

Attila the Stockbroker