Sept 8 1980 - Sept 8 2010: 30 Years of Attila the Stockbroker!
RIP Eric Lemaitre, Contingent guitarist and dear friend, 1958-2012
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Football Poems (some taken from 'Goldstone Ghosts', Attila's collection of football poems)
Glastonwick 2014 is 30 May to 1 June

The Long Goodbye - a poem for my late mother Muriel
Attila's 30th Anniversary Tour, Sept-Nov 2010. Attila celebrates 30 years earning a living as a poet!
Playing bass with Contingent in Brussels again after 27 years!
RIP Steven 'Seething' Wells : a tribute to my old ranting poetry comrade
RIP Adrian Mitchell 1932-2008, a true hero of poetry!

Attila's 25th Anniversary Radio 4 programme 'Giving It Lip' now available to download here (MP3 24MB)
Custom Car?!
Manic Street Preachers supporting Attila in Swansea - official!
Attila at Levellers' Day in Burford
Attila's top 10 best gigs ever!
Poet in Residence at Brighton and Hove Albion FC, 2nd Division Champions 2001-2, Third Division Champions 2000-1!
Attila's View of the Iraq Crisis
£2,140 raised at Joe Strummer Remembrance Sunday on 9 November 2003 in Brighton
Ancient History of Attila The Stockbroker
Online CD and Book sales available via Townsend Records and by cheque via Attila's PO Box

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Photos of Barnstormer - from the FC St Pauli End of Season Party, 4 May 2002
Barnstormer meet Karl Marx in Chemnitz

Extensive Interview - written by Attila in German for 'Plastic Bomb' fanzine - put online by the Festival Musik und Politik in Berlin
New Attila Website - in Danish, following very successful tour there!



visitors since 4 August 2001

Sharp-tongued, high energy, social surrealist rebel poet and songwriter. His themes are topical, his words hard-hitting, his politics unashamedly radical, but Attila will make you roar with laughter as well as seethe with anger...

Inspired by the spirit and 'Do It Yourself' ethos of punk rock, and above all by The Clash and their overtly radical, political stance, he started as a punk bass player in 1977 and took the name Attila the Stockbroker in 1980, blagging spots for his poems and songs in between bands at punk gigs. He quickly got a couple of John Peel radio sessions, a deal with London independent record label Cherry Red Records and before very long was on the front cover of Melody Maker...and he hasn't looked back since! He celebrated the 25th anniversary of his first gig with a sell out show at the Komedia Theatre in Brighton on September 8th 2005 and in 2010 celebrates his 30th anniversary on September 8 at The Square in Harlow, where he did his very first gig, followed by a national tour...

Attila has spent the last 30 years performing his work across the world at literary and music festivals, rock venues, arts centres, pubs, universities, schools, folk clubs and punk squats in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Euskadi, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary - and more improbably in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and a hotel basement in Stalinist Albania. 24 countries in all!

He's created his own global network, organises most of his own gigs and is very proud to have earned a living as a poet since 1982. He also sets up shows for other poets/songwriters/bands: he co-founded the long running Glastonwick Beer, Music, Poetry and More Beer Festival in 1996 and promotes various one-off events in his local pub, the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham. He's released more than 20 music/poetry albums in 5 countries and 6 books of poems: 'Cautionary Tales for Dead Commuters' (Unwin Paperbacks, 1985), 'Scornflakes' (Bloodaxe, 1992), 'The Rat-tailed Maggot and Other Poems' (1998) 'Goldstone Ghosts' (September 2001), 'My Poetic Licence' (2008) and 'The Long Goodbye' (2010). .

He's written for many national and local publications including The Guardian, Time Out, NME, Sounds Magazine, The Independent...done loads of radio and TV work...but writing the words and music for his own performances and those of his band is what inspires him most.

Attila loves humour (wit, wickedness, satire, subversion) and hates 'comedy' (bland jokes about Seventies TV, adverts for undrinkable beer, endless moronic game shows, corporate gravy train spotting).

In 1994 Attila formed his first-ever band, BARNSTORMER, combining his two great musical loves - medieval music and punk! - and giving him the chance to use his classical violin training and play loads of his favourite medieval instruments (crumhorn anyone?). The band released their debut album, 'The Siege of Shoreham' in 1996, and gig regularly all over the place alongside Attilas's solo shows.

The second Barnstormer album, 'Just One Life', was released in October 2000 and the latest, 'Zero Tolerance' in March 2004.

'Live in Belfast', a solo CD of poems and songs, was released in March 2003, and 'Live in Norway' in 2007. For a full list of Attila's releases go to the Discography section and for ones currently available to Merchandise.

Attila also...


I guess in quite a lot of ways I grew up just like you
A bolshy kid who didn't think the way they told him to
You kicked over the statues, a roots rock rebel star
Who knew that punk was more than just the sound of a guitar
And I'll always remember that night at the Rainbow
When you wrote a soundtrack for my life, Commandante Joe.

So many bands back then were like too many bands today
A bunch of blokes who made a noise with bugger all to say
The Clash were always out in front, you put the rest to shame
Your words were calls to action, your music was a flame
You were our common Dante, and you raised an inferno
And you wrote a soundtrack for my life, Commandante Joe.

Reggae in the Palais
Midnight till six!
Rockin' Reds in Brockwell Park!
Sten guns in Knightsbridge!
Up and down the Westway
In and out the lights!
Clash City Rockers!
Know Your Rights!

I guess in quite a lot of ways I grew up just like you
A bolshy kid who didn't think the way they told him to
Like you I always knew that words and music held the key
As you did for so many, you showed the way to me
Although I never met you I'm so sad to see you go
'Cos you wrote a soundtrack for my life, Commandante Joe.


Lyrics to a song, performed by Barnstormer, in memory of Joe Strummer 1952-2002

£2,140 raised at Joe Strummer Remembrance Sunday on 9 November 2003 in Brighton

Attila's News - July 2014

Hi everyone. Huge amount of gigs already sorted for the rest of the year with more to come. It's the 20th Anniversary of my band Barnstormer, so as well as the customary German tour there will be some rare UK shows to celebrate later in the year! I've been doing loads this year commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Miners' Strike and tomorrow am performing at the annual Durham Miners' Gala dinner...that's an honour and then some:) My poem for my father will come into very poignant prominence soon as we remember the start of the First World War. We have our own commemoration at our Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham on 24 July.

And talking of the Ropetackle, a request. I know that many of you have been to or know about our lovely local volunteer run arts centre. It's called the Ropetackle because it stands on the historical Ropetackle shoreline site which has had that name for hundreds of years. Now, in a typically clueless piece of corporate 'rebranding', a Windsor-based company called Basepoint, which has acquired the building housing the centre, has taken off the 'Ropetackle' sign which guides people to the centre and replaced it with 'Basepoint'. A bit like Trafalgar Square being 'rebranded' McDonalds Square. We're not happy. There's a petition here and those of you so inclined might care to inform Basepoint of your thoughts on the matter at or comment on their Facebook page

All the best and have a great Summer

Attila's News - April 2014

Hi everyone...

Reminder that Glastonwick individual day tickets go on sale next Monday 7 April. Weekend ones are currently going even faster than in previous years. If you're coming, don't leave it too long to get yours, cos Fri/Sat will sell out. As always they are available from the Duke of Wellington and the Ropetackle in Shoreham and the Evening Star in Brighton as well as online. The Glastonwick website has the line up and all the info you need.

Lots of gigs coming up and many more planned. Lots of stuff around the 30th anniversary of the miners' strike. Proud and happy to have been asked to participate. As well as all the solo ones, November sees the 20th Anniversary of my band Barnstormer: 4 albums, about 450 gigs and three of the four of us are still together! Congrats to McGhee and Dan :) Celebratory November Barnstormer German tour coming together right now, see dates: and we're also planning some UK ones, something that doesn't happen very often with the band. If you're interested in putting us on please get in touch.

Reminder that my new book of poems 'UK Gin Dependence Party & Other Peculiarities' with loads of very topical material is available from my merchandising page.
Cheers, Attila

Attila's News - January 2014

Hi everyone. Loads of gigs coming up to showcase my new book of poems 'UK Gin Dependence Party and Other Peculiarities' which is now available via Paypal (and other, more traditional methods!) from my Merchandising page, at all the gigs (obviously!) and at City Books in Hove. It will be in a few other radical bookshops eventually, but the easiest way to get one is from me. If anyone would like to organise any more gigs as part of this tour, please get in touch.

Please note that the Leeds and Leamington gigs are Sunday afternoons at 2pm. This is something which works really well down our way at the Duke in Shoreham and I thought I'd try and export the idea.... Sadly, the centenary war poem I have been wanting to write for my father, who fought in World War One, didn't come to me until now, but I am including signed copies as an extra insert in the book. The poem is here if you would like to read it.

I am currently writing my autobiography - up to 1986 so far, so slightly over half way!

All the best Attila

Attila's News - December 2013

Hi everyone

My new book of poems, 'UK Gin Dependence Party and Other Peculiarities' was published on December 12. You can order it on the Merchandising page. After the final three gigs of 2013 this week, there are loads more gigs planned for next year......

Cheers Attila

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Barnstormer :
Help needed for European shows !
Attila is also keen to do more shows in mainland Europe with his band Barnstormer:
'We play a lot in Germany but are interested in getting to other countries, especially France, Spain, the Basque Country, Italy, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland. If you are a promoter or tour organiser in any of these countries we'd love to hear from you!'


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