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My brand new spoken word CD 'Live at the Greys' is out now. 17 poems, 2 songs. Great audio recording done in a brilliant Brighton music pub in front of a load of mates by Joel Carr.

Attila's latest book of poems, published December 2013
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My new 'Dub Ranting' EP is available from attilathestockbroker.bandcamp.com and will soon be on vinyl

And I'm out on the road performing from my Collected Works 'Heart On My Sleeve'...

Hope to see you somewhere!


Monday 5th April 2021 is the official publication date of 'Heart on my Sleeve', my Collected Works 1980-2020! I shall be celebrating the event with a live stream on Facebook that night.... https://www.facebook.com/events/806416159968972/ It was supposed to have been published on Sept 10 2020 and launched with a massive gig at Dingwalls, followed by a tour of the UK and Europe. We all know what happened next.....

So unlike the Titanic, this book will have had two launches: the unofficial 'online' one last September, since the books were already printed and I wanted enthusiastic supporters to have the opportunity to still get a copy, and the offical 'everywhere' one on 5 April. From then it will be obtainable in most booksellers, online and actual, independent and mainstream - and if you prefer, you can get it now direct from me at https://attilathestockbroker.bandcamp.com Signed if you like.

It's my life's work. 336 pages, illustrated by long time collaborators Phill 'Porky the Poet' Jupitus, Womble, Dan Woods and Nick Staples. If you have ever had fun at an Attila the Stockbroker performance over the last 40 years, I can guarantee that some of the poems and song lyrics you heard will be in it. And if you've enjoyed my posts on social media I think you'll like my use of language.

All obvious caveats in place, I am starting to book actual live gigs to promote it from July onwards..with maybe one or two outside ones earlier. More details soon.

The book is on the Hive independent network and all the big booksellers. Peer reviews are most welcome, especially on Waterstone's site, and media review copies are available from matti@cherryred.co.uk

I've never done crowdfunding, never really asked for support from this community before, but I'd love it if you'd share news of the publication of my life's work and, if you feel like it, pester the mainstream media on my behalf to give Matt at Cherry Red a hand

Tuesday, 8th September 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of my first gig as Attila the Stockbroker - the first of some 3,700 gigs in 24 countries, and for more than 38 years of the 40, I am happy to say, I have been able to earn my living doing what I love. I had a massive celebratory tour planned, all over the UK and mainland Europe, both solo and with my band Barnstormer 1649 - and, of course, it's all been cancelled. I am absolutely gutted, but there are people far worse off than me, so I'm not going to moan, I'm going to tell you how I'll be marking the occasion online.

On September 8th, 40 years to the day, starting at 7pm, I shall be doing a three hour fund raiser request show on Facebook Live at
and asking for donations in aid of the absolutely inspirational Worthing Food Foundation who are doing wonderful work in my local area. Fifty friends and fans have requested their favourite songs and poems spanning forty years, and I shall be performing the lot. (I think it will take substantially longer than three hours, to be honest!) I am asking many of my collaborators over the years if they will co host my broadcast via their Facebook pages for the evening so as to reach as many people as possible. If any sympathetic performers or organisations would like to help me celebrate this auspicious event please drop me an email at attila@attilathestockbroker.com

And two days later, on 10th September, when I was supposed to be playing my biggest ever UK gig at London's legendary Dingwall's with a stellar line-up of long-term collaborators including John Otway, TV Smith and the Newtown Neurotics, I shall be doing a special reading of my 2015 autobiography 'Arguments Yard' at

I have had some truly extraordinary experiences in 40 years as Attila and 62 in this world, and I want to share them with you.

I hope to be back in front of a live audience soon, but I won't be until I am sure it is sate to do so.

Please keep safe everyone.

'RESTORATION TRAGEDY', Attila's new album with his band Barnstormer 1649, is available now on CD with a 16 page booklet and as a double vinyl LP with a gatefold sleeve. The album's 58 minutes long (hence the double vinyl) and is far and away the best musical project he has ever completed in 38 years as Attila the Stockbroker. It's available now on CD and vinyl LP from the Merch page - and there are special reduced price packages of CD and LP, CD and cover badge and CD, cover badge and T shirt.

The new album will be launched on Saturday 8th September 2018 at Wigan Diggers' Festival, which is totally fitting since it's a whole set of songs based around the English Revolution of 1649 and the radicals who were a part of it, played on a wide variety of Renaissance instruments. Early music meets punk. Yes, it really doesn't sound like anything else. Music for Levellers, Diggers and Ranters! To get your copy via Paypal or cheque please go to Merchandise. There will be many gigs all over the country both before and after the launch: go to Gigs for details. You can listen to some of the new tracks here.

Attila says: I have always loved early music and have taught myself to play many ancient instruments. For the last 30 years or so I have had an ambition to record a whole album combining early music and punk in the same kind of way that the Pogues combined Irish music and punk. I wrote a couple of early music pieces for my solo albums in the 80s, and we played around with the idea on some of the tracks we recorded in the earlier incarnations of my band Barnstormer, especially on our first album 'The Siege of Shoreham'. But with 'Restoration Tragedy' we have finally done it - hence the addition of the '1649'.

The album features Jason Pegg (guitar/backing vox) Tim O'Tay (recorders/backing vox) M.M McGhee (drums) and Dave Cook (bass/backing vox) four fantastic musicians, and a special guest spot from my talented pianist wife Robina, who composed one of the pieces. I sing and play crumhorn, cornamuse, bombarde, shawm, rauschpfeife, recorders, violin, viola, mandola, and mandocello. It features 14 songs and tunes based around the characters and events following the English Revolution of 1649 and the execution of Charles 1st, focussing on the Levellers and Diggers, the Ranters and their leader Abiezer Coppe and the escape of Charles II from my home port town of Shoreham in a coal brig called 'Surprise' after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

It was that coincidental combination of my love of local history and of early music which gave me the idea which brought the whole thing about, and it was an idea that came to fruition very quickly ' I started writing the songs only last October and the whole album was finished by the middle of May. The band has done about 15 gigs so far with the new material and we have many more booked all over England in the next few months ' offers welcome, and I am of course also continuing my solo shows where I will be showcasing bits from the album as well.

Attila is touring the UK with his unique band Barnstormer in 2018. Early music meets punk! Roundhead Renaissancecore and Baroque 'n' Roll. More gigs welcome - contact us at attila@attilathestockbroker.com Listen here on Soundcloud More info on the Barnstormer page.

'Undaunted', Attila's 9th book of poems and his most topical, heartfelt and personal ever, is published on 2 April 2017 and can be ordered from the merch page. It features some wonderful illustrations from the Barnstormer guitarist, Dan Woods. Each copy comes with a free CD of Attila's much-acclaimed poems for his mother and stepfather. As usual, Attila will be doing loads of gigs all over the place! If you would like to put him on, get in touch via attila@attilathestockbroker.com, Facebook or Twitter

Young film maker Farouq Suleiman has just produced a short documentary about Attila for his 35th anniversary earning a living as a poet with lots of old footage - it's here →

You can read Attila's bimonthly Morning Star column here

Attila is currently touring extensively round the UK to promote his autobiography and his new book of poems 'Undaunted' will be published in the spring. Please see Upcoming Gigs for dates. Signed copies are available here direct from him: please go to the Merchandise section. Here is the page of reviews. Elsewhere it's available at all Attila's gigs, the Cherry Red, Waterstones and Guardian books websites (to name but three), many branches of Waterstones and many independent bookshops...

Click to purchase

Songs, Poems, Videos & Tour Dates on Facebook

  News Update - February 2022


The song of the tour, '40 Years in Rhyme', another Kingsley Salmon/@What's Left Dub production, this time on a seriously Serge Gainsbourg reggae tip, will be released on my Bandcamp page tomorrow, Bandcamp Friday, along with 'Tenaman', where we invent a completely new genre, flexible cystoscopy dancehall. Then 12 tracks head off to Zorch Productions in Sweden to turn into my first ever dub poetry album - I am so happy about that..

There will be more gigs coming but this is a huge batch to start off and I am especially looking forward to some sadly too rare Scottish dates - not just my old stamping ground at Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh but The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre in Glasgow, organised by Mark McGhee from You Call That Radio?, and a debut gig in STIRLING no less, at The Settle Inn, real ale heaven, with brilliant satirical harpist Pauline Vallance. I'm also really looking forward to Brighton stuffing the Saudis and then celebrating Mensi with my old marras Red London in Sunderland

Hope to see you somewhere!

News Update - June 2020

We may be just coming out of lockdown with no idea when gigs will start again, but 2020 is my 40th Anniversary as Attila the Stockbroker and I am doing my best to celebrate, as you will read below.

All gigs and festivals are of course now cancelled until at least September, and probably later than that. There will be more news about the gig situation as soon as we have some idea about what is happening. But meanwhile I am writing huge amounts about current events and doing regular live broadcasts via Facebook Live, raising funds for our local foodbank and support group and for DIY performers made destitute by the cancellation of all gigs.

To keep bang up to date with everything please join my page at https://www.facebook.com/attilathestockbroker

And please KEEP SAFE everyone.

TWO NEW VINYL ALBUMS are available from the Merch page.


A new vinyl album, Heart on my Sleeve has just been released by Finnish label Hiljaiset Levyt (Quiet Records) to celebrate my 40th anniversary.

It contains twelve of what I consider to be my best songs from my 40+ releases over the years.

  • Side 1: Fifth Column/Holiday in Albania/Sawdust and Empire/This Is Free Europe/Tyler Smiles/Just One Life
  • Side 2: The Ghost Road/Baghdad Ska/Guy Fawkes' Table/Looters/Wellingborough & Wigan/Pride's Purge
It's available via PayPal in the UK on the Merch page and I am doing an online launch, playing all 12 tracks, on Monday June 22 at 7pm at facebook.com/attilathestockbroker

If you are outside the Uk please order from Finland at jukka@hiljaisetlevyt.com

It will be joined later in the year by my Collected Works book of the same name, 40 years of poems and song lyrics published by Cherry Red Books.


40 copies of my 1989 album Live at the Rivoli, recorded in Toronto in 1989, have just been discovered in a basement in Vancouver and are also now available on the Merch page.

It's a very good snapshot of the period...

  • Side 1: Libyan Students from Hell!/Airstrip One/Holiday in Albania/The Liggers' Song/The Pen & The Sword/Jean Paul Sartre sings Motorhead/I'm So Miserable/The Newshound
  • Side 2: Radio Rap!/Every Time I Eat Vegetables/Contributory Negligence/A Bang & a Wimpy/Dustbin Poem/Rain/Worthing/Russians in McDonalds/Iron Men of Rap!/Andy is a Corporatist/The Bible According to Rupert Murdoch/Boogers From His Nose (Tammy's Song)

News Update - June 2019

Hi everyone!
Here's an up to date list of gigs so far booked for the next three months - loads as usual. In July among many others an absolute (barn) stormer coming up at the Dublin Castle and a return to my old Essex stomping ground in a very good cause. In August three days at Rebellion punk festival and 10 up in Edinburgh at the Fringe, including my very first early music show at a classical venue - that will be interesting!
Enjoy the summer!
Cheers Attila

News Update - December 2018

Hi everyone! Three gigs this week up North, starting tomorrow with my first one ever in my wife Robina's home town of Northwich, then Ashton and Sheffield..a couple of local ones, then that's it for 2018. Loads more planned for next year, which looks like a challenging one for us all......

It's been a wonderful year musically for me,finally realising my lifelong ambition and recording 'Restoration Tragedy', an entire album combining early music and punk, with my wonderfully talented new Barnstormer 1649 line up. It's available on double vinyl and CD at gigs and from the Merch Page - nowhere else! It has had some fantastic reviews - if you're interested, a few of the best ones are here..

In 2019 I'm doing 7 dates with the band in Germany before Brexit. Who knows what's going to happen after that? There are loads of others all over the place, here and being planned, solo and with the band...

Reminder, if you do social media: My thoughts on the political situation, all kinds of other matters and of course gig dates, new poems, videos etc are splattered regularly on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/attilathestockbroker/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/atilatstokbroka

News Update - August 2018

Hi everyone,
I'm incredibly pleased with the response to the live shows and the new album 'Restoration Tragedy' I've just released with my new 'early music meets punk' band, Barnstormer 1649. Crumhorn, cornamuse, bombarde, shawm, rauschpfeife, 5 different recorders, violin, viola, mandola, mandocello, guitar, bass, drums, voices and words. Songs and music from the English Revolution of that year: music for Levellers, Diggers and Ranters! We really don?t sound like anybody else.... As well as on CD, the album is now a double vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve (picture of both sides enclosed) all the lyrics, historical explanations and illustrations.

Available at all forthcoming gigs and via paypal and cheque on the Merch page. There's a T Shirt and a badge as well, with bits off if you buy them together :) It is 58 minutes long and far and away the best musical project I have completed in 38 years as Attila. You can hear some tracks at https://soundcloud.com/barnstormer1649

We are launching it at the Wigan Diggers' Festival on Saturday 8 September (on stage about 3.30pm) and then on a massive tour of England. It's English history, and as 'Englishness' is such a theme in our divided country right now, we want to take these songs far and wide and demonstrate our radical past. If you are interested in hosting a gig please get in touch. And....

DIE LETZTE TOUR VOR BREXIT-EIER! (The last tour before Brexit bollocks!) I am planning one final tour of Germany (and maybe Holland and Switzerland) in mid February 2019. Maybe the last ever band tour I shall do outside the UK if regulations and border checks for instruments etc are imposed after Brexit at the end of March.... So if you'd like to put us on in mainland Europe then please get in touch.

And if you would like to review the CD for a publication/website (musical or historical) or play it on the radio please get in touch with details. In other news my autobiography 'Arguments Yard' has now had a REPRINT and is available from the Merch page along with my poetry books and earlier CDs.

News Update - October 2017

Here are the latest load of gigs, starting with four in Germany this week with my band Barnstormer. I could really do with a German booking agent to help with future tours - I am so busy! If you can help please email back and let me know....

And a heads-up about that rarest of phenomena: two BBC TV poetry documentaries, both featuring a host of wonderful poets - and me. Poetry on TV is a rare and beautiful thing, nearly as are as a goal from Crystal Palace, so I thought I'd spread the news.

On Tuesday 3 October, at 9pm on BBC4, there is a documentary about the groundbreaking 1960s poetry anthology 'The Mersey Sound' which I discovered aged about 14 in the early 70s - along with Hilaire Belloc and the Clash it was a huge influence on me as I started to write the kind of poetry I hoped people could relate to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b097bl8c

It's also worth pointing out that the 2015 documentary 'Rhymes, Rock & Revolution - the story of performance poetry', featuring the Beats, JCC, myself, Benjamin Zephaniah and Kate Tempest among others, has just been rebroadcast on BBC4 and is on Iplayer for the next 3 weeks or so: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06hhgxs

I'm 60 on October 21st. We're having a beer and punk rock infused party at my local, the Duke of Wellington in Shoreham, featuring my great friends NEWTOWN NEUROTICS and TV SMITH. All friends are welcome!

Cheers A

News Update - July 2017

Hi everyone.So much to write about, so much to talk about on stage...

FIRSTLY: Need help with North/Middle German tour for my band Barnstormer between 5-10 October! A Dutch gig would also help on the way. If you have any proposals please email attila@attilathestockbroker.com And please share this with anyone you think might help.

Four dates in Wales next week including the Workhouse and Caerleon Festivals - then an incredibly busy August with gigs at Rebellion, Bridport and Farmer Phil's Festival, a return to the PBH Free Fringe at Edinburgh for ten shows - nine at the legendary Bannerman's Bar, one at La Belle Angele - followed immediately by a Swedish tour. On 7 October myself and my band Barnstormer are playing at Knust in Hamburg and we need gigs for the Thurs, Fri and Sunday in the Ruhr and North Germany on the way there and back. If you can help, please get in touch. And have a great Summer!

My new poetry book 'Undaunted' is available from my website along with my autobiography and loads of other stuff on the merch page. And if you haven't seen it yet there is a great little documentary video celebrating my 35 years earning a living as a poet.

News Update - March 2017

'Undaunted', Attila's 9th book of poems and his most topical, heartfelt and personal ever, is published on 2 April 2017 and can be ordered from the merch page. It features some wonderful illustrations from the Barnstormer guitarist, Dan Woods. Each copy comes with a free CD of Attila's much-acclaimed poems for his mother and stepfather. As usual, Attila will be doing loads of gigs all over the place! If you would like to put him on, get in touch via attila@attilathestockbroker.com, Facebook or Twitter

News Update - February 2017

Young film maker Farouq Suleiman has just produced a short documentary about Attila for his 35th anniversary earning a living as a poet with lots of old footage - it's here

There are loads of gigs already booked for 2017 with more coming and Attila's next book of poems, 'Undaunted' is finished and should be published in April.