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My brand new spoken word CD 'Live at the Greys' is out now. 17 poems, 2 songs. Great audio recording done in a brilliant Brighton music pub in front of a load of mates by Joel Carr.

Attila's latest book of poems, published December 2013
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Attila's first Edinburgh Fringe appearances for 20 years, 15-20 August, presenting his autobiography - see Gigs

On Sunday 5 June at 4.30pm Attila read The Long Goodbye, his 14 minute long poem for his mother written as she struggled with Alzheimer's Disease, on BBC Radio Four's Poetry Please. You can hear it 15 minutes in at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07dk0y3

You can read Attila's bimonthly Morning Star column here

Attila is currently touring extensively round the UK to promote his autobiography. See Upcoming Gigs for dates. Signed copies are available here direct from him: please go to the Merchandise section. Here is the page of reviews. Elsewhere it's available at all Attila's gigs, the Cherry Red, Waterstones and Guardian books websites (to name but three), many branches of Waterstones and many independent bookshops...

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  News update - 10 July 2016

In these truly momentous political times I am of course doing even more gigs than usual - the latest batch of gigs includes Rebellion Festival and an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival presenting my autobiography tied in with six shows at the Edinburgh Fringe - first time I've done the Fringe for 20 years. (The shows are for PBH's Free Fringe, which means they are, yes, free - bucket collection afterwards!) Plus loads more, with loads more being planned.
Any suggestions, please get in touch!
Cheers Attila

News Update - 20 January 2016

Hi everyone. Over 40 gigs are booked for the second half of my 'Arguments Yard' autobiography tour with loads more coming.
As requested North East, South West, Isle of Wight and starting off in Belfast.. Looking forward to finally making it back to Scotland, and to some more band gigs in Germany now that guitarist Dan is feeling better. Here's another book review from the selection - they've all been great, I'm happy to say:
'Arguments Yard' is available from me on the merchandise page for 19 including p&p UK (more overseas) or 25 with my new spoken word CD 'Live at the Greys'. And of course at all the gigs, along with more CDs, books and T-shirts.... Hope to see you somewhere
Cheers Attila

News Update - 9 January 2016

My massive autobiography tour starts again in Belfast on 24 January, aiming to reach some of the parts which the first 39 gigs didn't! As ever, all gig and festival suggestions welcome - I want to do as many gigs as possible in 2016. The book, my new spoken word CD 'Live at the Greys' and all my previous releases will be available at all gigs, of course. It's huge fun reading from the book - I'm a storyteller as well as a poet and songwriter now and reviews and feedback continue to be excellent. Here are a couple more, there are loads online: http://louderthanwar.com/attila-stockbroker-arguments-yard-book-review/ and http://www.repeatfanzine.co.uk/Reviews/arguments%20yard%20attila.htm

News Update - 22 October 2015

My autobiography 'Arguments Yard' is without doubt getting the best reception of anything I have ever done.

All the reviews and comments I have received have been fantastic, copies are selling like hot cakes on my current tour and it seems to be doing well in the shops and online too: it's in various bestsellers lists at Waterstones and Amazon (though I don't really want to boast about that given the way they treat their staff) Here's the best review so far there have been loads of others you can hunt for online... I've also had a part in an excellent BBC documentary on the history of performance poetry: it's on the BBC listen again service.